ExoBase 1.5.5 - minor tweaks

- HP no longer counts as a resource. Healing at the hab is not affected by adjacency bonuses, and injured founders healing there gain the full amount of HP shown. 

- The "Leader" and "Bumper Crop" abilities have switched places. "Leader is now on the back of the Lab card, and Bumper Crop is on the back of the Well card. 

- "Chemist" ability has been updated to read "Once per day" 

- "Architect" ability reworded to make it clearer it only applies to the one founder. Reduced the building discount to 1 fewer mineral, rather than 2. 

- "Damage Check" has been renamed to "Danger Check", to avoid confusion with damage tokens and damaged locations.

- Burman's passive ability changed to read "Other founders in an adjacent or same location get +1 to Danger Check rolls." (it doesn't apply to her). 

- Instant abilities taken from the task row no longer require that you put a cube on them, then remove the cube to use them. All of those abilities only have one use, so you just discard the card from play when you use it.


ExoBase-PNP.1.5.5.pdf 11 MB
Jul 17, 2021
ExoBase-Rules-Booklet-1.5.5.pdf 16 MB
Jul 17, 2021

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