ExoBase 1.5 - harder, better, faster, stronger

ExoBase 1.5 is now available to print-and-play! 

This represents a major update since version 1.0 was submitted to the Game Crafter's Solo Duo Contest. I received feedback from two different publishers, and they were both very similar:

  1. The session length is too long.
  2. There's not enough excitement/risk/danger/tension.

This version of the game aims to solve both of these issues! 

The game length has been reduced significantly, by removing the level 2 upgrades for each location! All locations now only have 2 levels, total. This gets you to the highest upgrade slot much faster, and removes the grind in the middle of the game.

I have also revived and tweaked an old mechanic of the game, previously called Setbacks. Now called Hazards, they provide that needed tension by introducing the possibility of lost resources, injured founders, and damaged or outright destroyed locations.

Lastly, there are now two game modes: Normal, and Hardcore. The Normal mode gives you some more flexibility in choosing founder abilities, since the production requirements are lowered, so it's not so crucial that you build nearly all the locations. It also dramatically reduces session length. Hardcore mode is for those looking for a tighter, more challenging experience. Just flip your Time, Production, and Hazard cards to the sides with the striped borders to play Hardcore Mode; no other changes to the game are required!

I hope you enjoy this update, it feels like this game has finally evolved into what it was meant to be.

Thanks for playing!


ExoBase-PNP-1.5.3.pdf 11 MB
Jul 12, 2021
ExoBase-Rules-Booklet-1.5.3.pdf 16 MB
Jul 12, 2021

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