ExoBase 0.5.3 - tuning


  • Removed the resource cost for repairing Damage or -1 tokens
  • Added a 30-turn limit to the game, to encourage more building and VP-gathering, rather than resource hoarding.
  • Changed the rule about not having enough resources to pay for a setback. You can no longer substitute any other resource, you must pay in HP from any founder(s).
  • Setbacks: We are back to only rolling 1 setback per day. It was a bit too grindy and tedious with 2 per day, and mostly just made it less fun.
  • Add a reference in the rules for each of the icons in the game.


  • Switched work spaces for level 1 and 2 of the Refinery (level 2 had an HP cost, but level 1 should have the HP cost).
  • Changed the “Recon” ability to read: Swap any card from the draw pile or task row for one in the Location row


ExoBase-Rules.0.5.3.pdf 16 MB
Jun 18, 2020
ExoBase-Print.0.5.3.pdf 8 MB
Jun 18, 2020

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