ExoBase 0.6.3 - Improved rules, nicer founder cards, new abilities

  • The PNP file is now 9-up! It's 8 pages now, instead of 12.
  • The rules have been tuned for clarity throughout. 
  • The founder cards have icons in their ability text for consistency and clarity; the HP track shows when  they are "injured".
  • Founders count as "injured" when they have 1 HP left, rather than 2. 
  • Decreased max HP for most founders, and increased the number of dice rolled for damage checks.
  • Several of the task cards have new abilities: Chemist, Recon, Comms, and Planner.

Still looking for info on any play sessions: 

  1. Too hard/easy? 
  2. Any cards felt over/underpowered? 
  3. Which founders did you use?
  4. What was your final score?



ExoBase-Rules.0.6.3.pdf 46 MB
Dec 07, 2020
ExoBase-PNP.0.6.3.pdf 9 MB
Dec 07, 2020

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