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A relaxing drawing game where you design and lay out the best yard on a grid. Combo unique yard features like trampolines, fountains and swimming pools to add to your curb appeal.

Roll 3 dice to determine which three tiles are available each turn. All players pick one and draw it on their own grid; keeping in mind the layout combos that score the most points. Trampolines are best with grass around them, garden benches are best surrounded by flourishing plants, and more. May the best yard win!

For 1 or more players, Yard Builder plays well over Skype or Zoom. Requires 3 20-sided dice, but if you don't have d20's, I made a Yard Builder Dice Roller that you can load in any browser and works great on a phone.

Now includes an Extended Edition page, with a 5x7 grid — for those who want a longer game, and more space to plan!


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Hey! There are no files to download.

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Yes, sorry, the files have been moved to PNP Arcade, you can download it there. See the link in the description of the game. Though I guess there's no reason not to have them available here, too...! I'll work on that.

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Much to my delight, I stumbled upon this game today after reading a discord thread that Mike had been active in.

I was IMMEDIATELY excited upon reading the rules. I am the type to gravitate towards games that allow for a lot of scenarios and strategy, but that don't pressure you to make snap deductions. 

In the description the game is described as relaxed, and the objective is completed perfectly.  I've played a few roll and write type games, but the overall nature of Yard Builder, to create a living space, lends itself to a bit more care, and personally, I use that space to make my own grid more pleasing to the eye. Even upon completion, looking back at what you created feels very personal. The icons and symbols used are open to interpretation, and being able to take that kind of ownership seems small, but in the long run is a gift.

The strategy is immediately apparent, and after a couple of playthroughs, deepens. The ease of access makes for a great solo experience, but is perfect for a socially distanced world, and with the dice roller that the creator provides....AMAZING AND EASY PLAY!!

Seriously, the dice roller also shows the relevant icons to the rolls and makes for a seamless experience....I cant stress enough how brilliant that small detail is. The effect is felt immediately and you will wonder why more haven't thought of it sooner.

10 of 10. A rare gem that flawlessly executes what it set out to accomplish. Do yourself a favor and pick this up.