This game is still in beta (v0.7) and actively being developed. If you find any issues (other than the known issues below), please leave them in the comments. Thanks!


Player 1: Arrow keys: move. Up arrow: jump.
Player 2: A & D: move. W: jump.

Consecutive high-fives increase your combo.

Known issues:

  • All costumes are currently unlocked and chosen at random for each game. Unlockable costumes and a costume selector are in the works.
  • Sometimes, when unlocking an obstacle, it doesn't show up on the unlock screen.
  • If you've unlocked all of the items in a category (obstacles, co-workers), it should automatically unlock something in a category that still has items available to unlock, but it doesn't.
  • Sometimes the player character spawns outside their lane. For now, use the movement keys to move into place before the first wall shows up.


  • More obstacles
  • More co-workers
  • Display game speed and the level you reached near the score, when you die
  • Coffee powerup
  • Make costumes unlockable
  • Watch ad to continue/revive
  • Watch ad to get 25-50% of what you need for the next unlock
  • Make costumes selectable
  • Touch controls
  • Release to App Store & Google Play
Published Nov 16, 2015
StatusIn development
TagsEndless, Runner, Voxel
Average sessionA few seconds

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