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Awesome game! Is there a way to play with more than 2 players if you add more decks? Would any rule changes needed to be made?

This is not something I've ever tried, or even considered! If you give it a go, I'd love to hear how it went...!

Just played this the other day - and my partner and I have a couple clarifying questions, if that's ok!

1) Can you Diamond Jack a Spade Jack - making the 'shield' worth 20 points? We figured as such but want to check.
2) Kings and Queens are worth 40, do the also cost 40 to purchase, or do they cost 10? I believe they cost and are worth 40, but my partner wasn't 100% as neither of us were able to purchase any Kings or Queens.

Thank you for the fun game, I'm going to show it to my mom as a way to play 'something like Dominion' when she goes camping :)

1) Yes, the Jack of Diamonds would double the value of a Jack of Spades, so it would be a 20 point shield. Don't let your opponent get both of those cards!

2) Yes, Kings and Queens are 40 to buy and have a value of 40. 

Thanks for playing! Very glad you're enjoying it. :)


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Amazing game!

I've been playing this game with my wife during quarantine and we're having such a good time. We have no board game in the house and just a standard card deck. This game save us from boredom. The first three matches we played without the odd/even bonuses rules just to get used to the basic mechanics. One funny thing is that we listen to classical music while playing cause we feel more "napoleonic" that way, haha.

Very good game!

Thanks for this, Guilherme, it made my day! So glad you're enjoying it together. <3